On the official Twitter account for the website Cross sleeve from the publisher Akita Shoten It was announced that the manga was written by Narumi Kakinouchi and illustrated by Toshiki Hirano, Vampire Miyu: Saku, ends with the publication of the seventh volume.

Kakinouchi and Hirano started publishing the manga in the magazine Champion Cross (later Manga Cross) by Akita Shoten-Verlag in December 2017. The publisher published the sixth volume on July 20 in Japan.

Synopsis for vampire Miyu: Saku

The manga story begins when Miyu is transferred to a particular high school in a city that is currently prone to missing teenagers. A darkness slowly begins to follow the daily life of the villagers, while a group of boys and girls will try to find the reason for this secret and find Miyu there.

Source: ANN

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