The Sengoku Basara franchise will have a new manga this winter

The enterprise CAPCOM announced on July 21 that the multimedia franchise Sengoku Basara will inspire a new manga written by Rando Ayamine and illustrated by Yukai Asada. This new manga is published in the magazine Monthly heroes from the publisher Hero's Inc. from next winter.

In fact, Hero’s Inc.’s ninth issue of Monthly Hero's Magazine unveiled an advertising image for this new serialization this year, which included protagonists Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura.

This new series commemorates the 15th anniversary of the franchise. In addition, the franchise has inspired several anime adaptations, an animated film, two live action series with two compilation films, and several adaptations to plays. An anime adaptation of the spin-off project Gakuen Basara, Premiered in October 2018 and was produced by studios Brain base.

Source: ANN

CAPCOM CO., LTD. © 綾 峰 欄 人 • 浅田 有 皆 / (()) ー ロ ー CAP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, illustrated by Yukai Asada


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