Via his official Twitter account, the author Tasuku Karasuma confirmed that the manga No life with guns ends with the publication of the next chapter, scheduled for September 18 in the magazine Ultra jump. The author wrote: ยซThis year's ninth edition of Ultra Jump goes on sale on August 19th. No Guns Life chapter 81 is included there too. The next one will be the last. I will also be unveiling my next work very soon, so I hope to continue counting on your support!ยป.

No life with guns

Karasuma started publishing the manga through the magazine Ultra jump from the publisher Shueisha in September 2014. The publisher published the eleventh anthology in September 2020, followed by the twelfth on April 19 in Japan. The piece inspired a twelve-part anime adaptation produced by the studios. Madhouse, Headed by Naoyuki itou and scripts written by Yukie sugawara, released October 2019. A twelve-part second season premiered in July 2020.

No Guns Life Synopsis

The technology to create powerful cybernetic soldiers was made available to the public by the Touch Corporation. Soldiers equipped with robot parts are called Extended. Juuzou Inui, one of these extended versions, was created as a soldier and has no memory of his earlier life. But now, after the war, he runs a business dealing with extended-related incidents in the city.

Rumors reach his ears that a renegade extended version has kidnapped a child; Lo and behold, when Juuzo returns to his office, a giant robot man rushes for help with a child in tow. While Juuzou could just hand the guy over and finish off, there's something about this situation that is too suspicious to ignore. It seems like everyone wants to get hold of this boy and Juuzou has to find out why this Extended Cut is on the run, how it connects with the Touch Corporation, and how far the treachery goes in this city.

Source: Official Twitter account

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