In this year's 12th issue of the magazine Gangan boy from the publisher Square enix, it became known that the manga adaptation of the light novels Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai Demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku du desu! (CHOYOYU !: High school prodigies have it easy in another world too!), has stepped into its newest story arc.

The light novels by Riku Misora and illustrated by Sacraneco were published through the publisher's label GA Bunko of Self-service creative between 2015 and 2020 with a total of ten volumes. Adaptation to manga by the hand of Koutarou Yamada has been published since May 2016, and the publisher Square enix published the eleventh anthology in Japan in December 2020.

The franchise inspired a twelve-part anime adaptation that was produced by the studios. Project # 9, Headed by Shinsuke-Yanagi and scripts written by Decoration Akao, published in October 2019. The platform Crispy roll took care of international sales.

Table of contents Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai Demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku du desu!

Seven Japanese high school students are internationally known for their exceptional talents. One day these friends survive a plane crash only to find themselves in the medieval fantasy world of Freyjagard, where two human races coexist in a feudal society: the Byuma, who have animal traits and formidable power, and the Hyuma, who have little chance on magical abilities. After being rescued by the Byuma Winona and her foster elf daughter, Lyrule, the group vows to use their advanced skills and knowledge to return hospitality to Elm Village residents and find a way back home.

Tsukasa Mikogami, the Prime Minister of Japan, acts as the leader of these young geniuses and organizes their efforts to intervene in Freyjagard and gather the necessary information and resources to achieve their goals. Believing that there is a connection between their current situation and an ancient legend about seven otherworldly heroes who defeated an evil dragon, Tsukasa leads the others to learn more about the culture around them and look for clues that the bring them back to life. But he also gives another instruction: take it easy and take it easy, so that they don't ruin this world by giving everything.

Fountain: ANN

ยฉ ๆตท ็ฉบ ใ‚Š ใ (่‘—), ๅฑฑ็”ฐ ใ“ ใŸ ใ‚ (่‘—), ใ• ใ ใ‚‰ ใญ ใ“ (ใ ใฎ ไป–) / ใ‚น ใ‚ฏ ใ‚ฆ ใ‚ง ใ‚ข ใƒป ใ‚จ ใƒ‹ ใƒƒ ใ‚ฏ ใ‚น


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