The Kakafukaka manga is about to peak

In this year's twelfth issue of the magazine kiss from the publisher KodanshaIt turned out that the manga was written and illustrated by Takumi ishida, Kakafukakawill peak with the next episode slated for November 25th.

Ishida began publishing the manga in the magazine kiss from the publisher Kodansha in October 2013. The publisher published the 10th on March 13th and the 11th on September 11th. The work recently reached a circulation of 2.35 million copies.

Takumi Ishida is also the author of other mangas such as Hashitanakute Gomen, Parapal, Tribology, Yogoreteru Hima nanka Nai Y. Zigzag don.

Kakafukaka synopsis

Aki Terada, 24, is a part-time worker who is unsuccessful in her job search. After the boyfriend she lived with cheated on her, she shared an apartment with a former high school classmate Tomoya Hongyou, who was also her first boyfriend. For the past two years, Tomoya has been far removed from everyone around her, but responds to Aki by meeting her again.

Source: ANN

© 石田 拓 実 (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社


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