Written and illustrated by the manga on the official Twitter account for Kanan Minami, Awa KoiIt was announced that work ended on September 4th on this year's 37th issue of the digital magazine & Flower.

magazine Sho-Comi from the publisher Shogakukan It had already announced in July 2018 that Minami would put the manga on a longer hiatus and return to serialization as soon as her health improved. The piece was resumed in Digital & Flower magazine in December 2019, where it began with its last bow.

For her part, Minami began publishing the manga in Shogakukan Publishing's Sho Comi magazine in 2016, and the publishing house released the fourth compiled volume in February 2019.

Synopsis of Awa Koi

The story revolves around Yuuka, a schoolgirl who wants to fall in love but chooses a boy who is not interested in her. In high school, she devoted herself to her club activities, but when she got into high school she decided that she definitely had to have a boyfriend at this point in her life. Yuuka knows Kentarou is the toughest option, but that only makes the challenge more interesting.

Source: ANN

© 水波 風 南 (著) / SHOGAKUKAN 小学 館


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