Piracy is an almost impossible phenomenon, a plague that is causing enormous losses to the industry, especially that of Mangawhich has been the victim of websites that distribute works illegally, especially in recent years. But how high is the damage caused by piracy exactly?

On the official website of the Japanese magazine Weekly Playboy, the publisher Shueisha published an article about the Effects of Piracy about the claims industry. The losses are estimated to exceed one billion yen, or nearly eight million euros at the current exchange rate, due to the emergence of more and more websites dedicated to the illegal digital distribution of manga.

In particular, Shueisha pointed a finger at a pirate manga distribution site that recently spread through social networks. The website, which can be viewed on any device, from smartphones to computers, has a reach of i 100 million visits per month in March 2018. At its peak, this location caused massive economic damage.

In response to this plague, several publishers have submitted Criminal charges. The website in question was closed in April 2018 and the main operator was arrested for copyright infringement and sentenced to 10 million yen in compensation.

However, the appearance of this stage made that possible multiply hundreds of small websites "Clone" on which are present, we illegally repeat several manga. Right now, however, piracy is no longer just digital. Recently, scanned physical versions of undisputed paper quality have been created that are sold at a discounted price. The fakes in question have even made it to important online shops.

What do you think of piracy and this phenomenon? Meanwhile, manga sales in the US are skyrocketing; the demand is even too great for publishers. We'll then leave you to a challenge choosing the best-selling one of its manga.

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