The history of ONE PIECE goes back many years, more than 20 years. Eiichiro Oda has published weekly on Weekly Shonen Jump since 1997 and that means that he has introduced many characters in his 1000 and more chapters. But what are they twenty characters more in ONE PIECE. published?

Over 1000 characters appeared in ONE PIECE, almost one per chapter, but a fan collected the data and created a table with the number of extras up to 1000 chapters of the manga:

  1. Monkey D. Luffy appeared in 862 chapters;
  2. Nami appeared in 698 chapters;
  3. Roronoa Zoro appeared in 673 chapters;
  4. Sanji Vinsmoke appeared in 643 chapters;
  5. Usopp appeared in 634 chapters;
  6. Tony Tony Chopper appeared in 565 chapters;
  7. Nico Robin appeared in 503 chapters;
  8. Franky appeared in 374 chapters;
  9. Brook appeared in 303 chapters;
  10. Jinbe appeared in 188 chapters;
  11. Trafalgar D. Water Law appeared in 166 chapters;
  12. Kinemon appeared in 140 chapters;
  13. Nefertari Vivi appeared in 123 chapters;
  14. Donquixote Doflamingo appeared in 117 chapters;
  15. Portuguese D. Ace appeared in 100 chapters;
  16. Carrot appeared in 97 chapters;
  17. Big Mom appeared in 95 chapters;
  18. Buggy appeared in 95 chapters;
  19. Hacchan appeared in 92 chapters;
  20. Rob Lucci appeared in 89 chapters.

In the top ten, as expected there are ten full mugiwara, with the captain in first position and separating everyone. The appearances of the protagonists also agree with the results of the worldwide popularity survey by ONE PIECE. But did you expect the second part of the ranking?

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