In the port of Tokage, the Hearts and Caribou pirates managed to heal Luffy, who fell into the sea after another loss to Kaido. Meanwhile, Shonobu granted Momonosuke’s wish by raising Kozuki Oden’s son to twenty years old. A big pink dragon is almost ready Take the Straw Hat to Onigashima.

In ONE PIECE 1047, when Luffy and Momonosuke appeared ready to take off and back to fight alongside their comrades and allies, in the next episode of the anime series, everything will be resolved with a stalemate.

in the Episode 1048 of ONE PIECE Luffy stands on Momonosuke’s shoulders, but due to his screams and excitement, the pink dragon is unable to fly for fear of heights. Momonosuke has turned twenty, but he’s still an eight-year-old at heart.

Meanwhile, the clashes at Onigashima’s flying castle wait for no one and continue. Big Mom is ready to wipe out Kidd and Law while Luffy and Sanji decided to fight together to eliminate King and Queen. What is of concern, however, is Yamato, who is located on the roof of the building He confronts his father Kaido.

Dejected and with the iron mace aimed straight at his face, Yamato remembers why he fights so fiercely. As a child, he witnessed the execution of the intrepid Kozuki Oden, whose strong spirit urged him to free himself from the shackles of fate.

From a young age Yamato dreamed of being Kozuki Oden, but when he unknowingly used the Conqueror’s Haki, King Kaido had him imprisoned in a cave along with three samurai. The trio of prisoners grew up loving Yamato for several weeks, teaching him how to fight and reading him the story told in Oden’s journal. Eventually, the samurai escaped captivity and vowed to return twenty years later to fight for Wano’s freedom.

Strengthened by these memories, Yamato is ready to get back on his feet and fight his father with all his might. Whether he can hold out until Luffy’s return we won’t know until the release of ONE PIECE 1049. Episode 1048 of ONE PIECE adapts 12 pages from chapter 1024 of the manga. To separate the TOEI animated series from that of Eiichiro Oda, there are 48 chapters difference.

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