Niji to Kuro Manga comes to an end

In this year's twelfth issue of the magazine Monthly comic Rex from the publisher Ichijinsha, the final chapter of the manga, written and illustrated by Eri habenashi, Niji to Kuro.

Takenashi began publishing the manga in Ichijinsha Publishing's Monthly Comic Rex magazine in July 2018. The publisher published the second compiled volume on February 27th. On the other hand, Takanashi was also the author of manga like Kannagi, Take the moon, Xenogears 4-coma comic Y. Eternal sisters.

In addition, he participated in the anime series as the original creator. Carnival phantasm, which adapted its Take Moon manga and included twelve OVA episodes that were released in August 2011.

Synopsis of Niji to Kuro

The student Shirahoshi Kuroe feels like she is in a black and white world and longs for more excitement in her life ... until a tiny, rainbow-colored and incredibly strange bird-like thing brings color to her life. Now they live together, but is this creature just a pet or more of a roommate?

This one of a kind manga series was written by Eri Takenashi, a prolific Japanese artist best known for manga (and anime) Kannagi, Kanpachi, and Take-Moon / Carnival Phantasm.

Source: ANN

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