According to the last tables of the last chapter of My hero academia Kohei Horikoshi has decided to switch moments from the past with interesting details and revelations with excited and action-packed scenes and sequences in Chapter 312 available on the Manga Plus website.

By title "Sicario"Indeed, the chapter in question begins by looking back at a conversation between Midoriya and Hawks in which the Pro Hero informed the protagonist of the current impossibility of Shigaraki and All For One to take possession of his Quirk, and of flee if he has anything to do with Lady Nagant. Deku recognizes the threat posed by the latter and remembers the warnings. He decides to flee and tries to avoid the potentially fatal blows of the enemy.

From the words Hawks and Snipe used in some of the chapter's interludes, we learn that Nagant is able to form balls of his hair and control them within a two-mile radius, a skill that is difficult. Midoriya, who only manages to avoid two hits with Danger Sense, surprisingly the bad guy.

Finally, the last pages show an earlier meeting between Nagant, Overhaul and All For One, immediately after escaping from the Tartar maximum security prison. Under the circumstances, the series' main antagonist asks Nagant to bring him a Yuei High School student who will soon start fighting crime on his own, and to do so gives her the Quirk Air Walkwhich will certainly make the hunt for Deku more interesting.

Recall that Endeavor's fame continues to suffer bad blows, and we leave you to a fanart showing Uraraka with the One For All.

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