In the final chapters of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi showed the number 1 Pro Hero Stars and Stripes of the United States in action for the first time and revealed some of his extraordinary skills.

Tomura Shigaraki tried to contain it in the first phase of the flying fight when the American heroine revealed New Order, a strange quirk for My Hero Academia, with a thousand properties. However, the mutation of the villain of My Hero Academia along with the master took Stars and Stripes by surprise, who eventually got involved in the enemy's explosion.

We see Stars and Stripes Rejected by Shigaraki's explosion on the opening pages of the chapter, Shigaraki has long hair and looks much more comfortable. The villain seems to understand the New Order based on the information he was able to gain during the fight. In fact, the American government has never disclosed any information about its power Number 1 hero.

Stars and Stripes is ready to fight back: She orders her people to send a message to the Commander Ackbaras she begins to set the atmosphere create a giant avatar of yourself. This throws Shigaraki out to sea. Later he tries to use the lasers of the Allied jets to create a light spear with which he counters and blocks Shigaraki.

From the base, Ackbar warns Stars and Stripes that this attack is very risky. Let's see in a photo the moment the heroine met All Might for the first time in the US (the heroine had previously appeared in My Hero Academia) and later announces the arrival of TIAMAT ICBMs aimed at the Tomura Shigaraki.

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