Memoir of Amorous Gentlemen: The musical from the famous manga is coming

With theatrical performances being suspended due to the pandemic, it is only a matter of time before the theater industry is back on stage. The manga by Moyoco Anno, Memories of gentlemen in lovewill be released on Broadway in a version edited by a Tony Award-winning director.

Once a COVID vaccine is found, Broadway will be back in the limelight and it looks like it will be back with a new show ready to take on the stage.

Anno recently announced that her story Memories of gentlemen in love was selected for this particular customization. The manga will see this transformation into a musical thanks to Rob Ashford, Tony Award-winning director and choreographer. Theater fans know Ashford well for its work Frozen, curtains is Thoroughly modern Millie.

According to the announcement, Ashford will take care of the choreography and music. The show is released worldwide. Devin Keudell is intended to be the general manager while Izumi Takeuchi has been inherited as the producer.

The Khara study, The It is set to hit theaters soon with Neon Genesis Evangelion's fourth film, was released in an animated short in 2015, and was recently released by Anno. The short film was directed by the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, husband of Moyoco. The author took several breaks during her career. Do we remember when the Sugar Sugar Rune writer returned to drawing after 18 months?

In Italy the manga of the memories of a gentleman is published by Dynit manga.

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