On the official Twitter account of the virtual magazine Dengeki G’s Comic from the publisher Kadokawa, it was announced that the author Ayato Sasakura (Shakugan no Shana) the publication of a new manga entitled Aekanaru.

The story of this new manga centers on Sadai, a person who goes to the mountains with the intention of killing himself, but there he meets a warm and mysterious girl.

Sasakura is recognized for having made the manga adaptation of the light novels written by Yashichirou Takahashi and illustrated by Noizi Ito, Shakugan no Shana. The adaptation was published in the magazine Dengeki Daioh from the Kadokawa publishing house between February 2005 and August 2011, with a total of ten published compilation volumes.

For their part, Takahashi and Ito published the series of light novels through the label Dengeki Bunko between November 2002 and November 2012. The story was presented in a total of 26 volumes.

Synopsis of Shakugan no Shana

Yuuji Sakai is a high school student in Misaki City, Japan; who gets nosy in the middle of a battle between a Flame Haze and a Crimson Denizen. When he is saved by her, he informs her that he is, in fact, already dead; and that it has simply become a “Torch”, since its “Source of Existence” was absorbed and the rest will disappear shortly.

But it turns out that Yuuji is a special kind of being created by the Crimson Denizens, and possesses special abilities. La Flame Haze reveals herself as Shana and accepts the mission to protect him because, if possible, her power could change the course of history.

Source: ANN

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