Published in Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ digital magazine since 2020, Kaiju #8 is one of the most successful Shonen manga series of recent years. However, Naoya Matsumoto's work is bound to let fans down. Kafka Hibino's adventure was indeed interrupted for a long time. Let's find out when a new chapter will be released.

Kaiju #8 will receive an anime adaptation and the series' popularity will increase dramatically. Anyway, bad news is coming for manga series readers. Simultaneously with the release of Chapter 76, Shueisha announced this Kaiju #8 will be on hiatus for a full month. The reasons are unknown, although they may be due to the author's health condition as is so often the case, but this isn't the first time the manga has been on hiatus for such a long time. Kaiju No. 8 had already been stopped for a month in August.

Kafka Hibino and his comrades in the Japan Defense Force are about to face a major new threat. The appearance of numerous monsters of Resilience 9.0 will lead to a fight of colossal proportions. However, we must wait to witness this insane clash. That Chapter 77 of Kaiju #8 will be released on January 6, 2023. Additional pages of special illustrations are expected to be released on MangaPlus on December 15th.

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