While the animated implementation of Jujutsu Kaisen As sales of the manga, which has reached 45 million copies worldwide, both the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump and the author Gege Akutami seem to be taking a break, thus telling the story of Yuji Itadori and his companions.

The information came through the post you can find at the bottom of the news posted on Twitter by the main fan page dedicated to the series. As stated by the insider, it appears that after the publication of Chapter 147, scheduled for April 25th on the Manga Plus official website, there will be no chapter for two weeks.

Given the upcoming Golden Week, Holiday Season and Holidays in Japan, the first stop week is expected to be linked to the spring break announced by Weekly Shonen Jump in the past few days that will lead to it a postponement of the chapters of ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia and Black Cloverwhile the second appears to be tied solely to a decision made by the author himself, Gege Akutami.

Recall that the episode 24 clash has become an official AMV with Remember and we leave you to the new line of sneakers dedicated to the protagonists, born from the collaboration between Jujutsu Kaisen and Syunsoku.

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