When Yoshihiro Togashi returned to social media in May 2022 with constant updates on the new chapters of Hunter X Hunter Fans who had been waiting for the manga's return for years were in for a surprise. Despite the doubts, Gon's adventure is back, and with incredible results achieved with the distribution of the new volume.

Coinciding with the release of the new chapters on a weekly basis on the official Shueisha platform MangaPlus, Volume 37 was also released in Japan. Launched to promote the return of one of the most popular shonen in the medium's history, the promotional campaign seems to have worked as from November 4 to 6, 2022, 533,689 copies were sold of the new tank subscription.

Half a million volumes sold in just three days is an incredible result for even the most popular Hunter x Hunter works and shows how much the community has been waiting for it the return of Master Togashi. What do you think of this extraordinary return to the series? Do you follow the new chapters? Tell us in the area reserved for comments.

Finally, we remember that the spoilers and images of Chapter 394 of Hunter x Hunter have appeared on the web and we leave you to discover the evolution of Hisoka's appearance over time.

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