In the whirlwind of fame and fortune, it's a rare spectacle to witness individuals who remain grounded. Among these exceptional personas stands Gosho Aoyama, the venerable creator of Detective Conan, a character that has captivated millions with his cerebral escapades. Unlike many Japanese mangaka who shroud their identities to shield themselves from the public eye, sensei Aoyama has navigated the waves of popularity with remarkable humility.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Detective Conan's inception in Weekly Shonen Sunday by Shogakukan. Since its 1994 debut, Shinichi Kudo's journey has unfolded over a thousand chapters and has been immortalized in over 270 million copies globally. Celebrating this milestone, Gosho Aoyama shared a comment reflecting his profound modesty. How has life altered for Gosho Aoyama since achieving eternal fame with Detective Conan? The only shift, it seems, is in his bank balance. To that query, Aoyama-sensei quipped with a wry "I'm rich now." It's noteworthy that while Detective Conan's manga is on hiatus, the Magic Kaito series is set to resume after a long intermission.

As we circle back to the introduction, it's clear that Aoyama's journey with Detective Conan is not just a tale of success, but also one of personal integrity. His response to fame—simple and unpretentious—echoes the ethos of his work: intricate yet relatable. In a world where celebrity often changes people, Aoyama remains an exemplar of staying true to one's roots. As readers and fans, we're invited to share in the celebration of this milestone, and perhaps, take a leaf out of Aoyama's manga of humility.

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