The year 2022 from WALK it couldn't have started any better. The label, which belongs to the RW Edizioni publishing house, is indeed starting the new year with a bang and announcing an avalanche of future innovations. Here are all the manga coming out in the near future.

On its official social media, GOEN presented the manga news for 2022. Let's start with Number 7 by Master Osamu Tezuka, in an integral "GX" edition of very high quality. In 1961, Shichiro was put into hibernation to survive the nuclear war that was thought to be about to break out. When he wakes up after 100 years, he discovers that humanity lives in outer space and is trying to return to planet Earth. He is one of only seven residents in the world.

It continues with a hilarious comedy, Barakamon by Yoshino Satsuki. For certain reasons, Handa calligrapher Seishuu is forced to move away from the city where he has always lived. Arrived on an island on the very edge of Japan, the grumpy "city person" has to adjust to his new country life.

Then it's your turn Masamune's revenge, which tells the story of the eponymous protagonist, an overweight child who is bullied in particular by a girl, Aki Adagaki. When Masamune Makabe renews his life, becomes popular and excels at sports, he moves to Aki's school in search of revenge.

sweat and honey It pushes the boundaries of fiction to explore feelings in depth. Two cousins ​​move in to live together, only to find out how much coexistence can distance or bring them closer. In A world without people, Shii is the last human left in a pure machine country. Escaping the spooky town, he meets a golem named Bulb, with whom he survives until he becomes friends.

Gift from Nagate Yuka tells the story of some criminal organizations involved in trafficking human organs for the black market. The main character, Tamaki Suzuhara, is looking for a missing person who is very important to her. So he joins a group of human traffickers on a blood-soaked path.

GOEN joins The Duke of Death, the story of an aristocrat cursed by a witch. Whoever touches it dies instantly. Only the maid Alice lives with him, who serves, cares for and constantly provokes him.

Which of these series will you follow? We leave you some news about other series being serialized by GOEN, UQ Holder and Hikari Club.

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