The character Imu in ONE PIECE keeps fans guessing. With new voice actor details out, there's a buzz about who Im really is. Takehito Koyasu, the voice behind iconic characters like Dio Brando and Aokiji, is now linked to Imu. This has sparked a debate: Is Imu male, or is it just a casting clue?

Imu stands at the top, even above the Five Elders, in the World Government. With the power to destroy with Mother Flame, Imu's decisions shape the world. But with Koyasu voicing both Aokiji and Imu, there's confusion. Could it be a mix-up on IMDb's part?

Until Toei Animation speaks up, take the IMDb update with a grain of salt. What's your take on Imu's true identity? Chat with friends, weigh in on Koyasu's casting, and explore the ONE PIECE world. Whether you're team manga or anime, the story keeps us hooked. Dive in, share thoughts, and be part of the community.

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