Yasuko Kobayashi, screenwriter who has been working on highly regarded productions in the industry for years, such as the first three seasons of Attack on Titan by Wit Studio, the adaptation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by David Productions and many other high-quality products, has released his first complete original manga: I danced lock.

In the past, Kobayashi was already healed the manga adaptation of Witchable Takeruwith the drawings by Kazasa Sumita, taken from the anime of the same name, produced by animation studio Gonzo and aired between April and June 2006. Danzai Lock thus marks the debut of a totally original product on Kodansha's Comic Days platform Tuesday September 20, 2022. Created by Saki Nonoyama, best known for several spin-offs of the Gurren-Lagan franchise, the series is about a world where if someone kills a human being, no matter the circumstance or accident, they inevitably is sentenced to death.

Those convicted are imprisoned Six County Jail, where a strange economic system has consolidated. The story begins on an ordinary day, when upon the arrival of a new group of prisoners in one of the districts, the self-proclaimed monk appears Yushin meets Kunojia mysterious man who always carries a sword, a meeting that will mark the beginning of the rise of the condemned and their fight for freedom.

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