Published between December 2018 and December 2020 on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump the series chainsaw man it came as a big surprise to many readers. Tatsuki Fujimoto's work has been a huge success, and while the author is committed to One Shot and other projects, it appears that he is working on the second part of the series.

This has been confirmed by one of the editors who personally oversees the work published on Jump Plus, Shihei Linwho reported on the post shared on Twitter at the bottom of the news, discussed Fujimoto's latest story and spoke candidly about the production of Chainsaw Man.

In the first part of the news it is indicated that it will arrive on July 4th on the Goodbye Eri platform, a new one shot signed by the mangaka that arrived on Manga Plus shortly after its initial publication. rave reviews and incredible opinions from fans, which is considered one of the best manga of the year. In the second part, fans are invited to wait a little longer for the second part of Chainsaw Man, from which the realization has officially started.

Finally, we remind you that Chainsaw Man is among the candidates for the Eisner Prize and we leave you with a cosplay dedicated to Makima.

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