The artist Karuna Kanzaki, Illustrator of the manga of Yuuya Kurokami, Busou Shoujo Machiavellian ((Machiavellian armed girl), reported on Twitter that there will be "big news" for the franchise this month. Β«We'll have some great news for you around this month's issue release date. So look forward to it!Β». The artist is referring to this year's sixth issue of the magazine Monthly Shonen Ace, which will be released in Japan on April 26th.

Kurokami and Kanzaki started publishing the manga in the magazine in March 2014. Monthly Shonen Ace from the publisher Kadokawa. The publisher published the 10th compiled volume in February 2020, followed by the 11th in November 2020 in Japan. The manga inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation and OVA that was released in April 2017 directed by Hideki Tachibana in the studies SILVER LINK.

Synopsis of Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

Fudo Nomura is a young man who was expelled from his old high school due to a massive and violent struggle in which he starred. He just wants a normal life but is transferred to the Aichi Symbiosis Private Academy, where women forcibly suppressed their male partners due to massive paranoia caused by the academy's decision to accept men.

A group of five vigilante girls known as the "Supreme Five Swords", led by Rin Onigawara, confront Nomura with either joining the regime or leaving school. But Nomura defies them and is ready to fight for their freedom and ideals, even when it comes to the use of brutal force.

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Β© ι»’ η₯ž 遊 εŽŸθ‘— (εŽŸθ‘—), η₯ž 崎 か γ‚‹ θ‘— (θ‘—) / KADOKAWA


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