On the official page for the manga adaptation of the light novels Boku no Kanojo-sensei, responsible for Kano HoshikawaThe cover of the third compilation volume was unveiled, which will be released in Japan on October 24th.

Easy novels are written by Yuu Kagami and illustrated by Oryoand are published by the publisher Media factory since 2018. The publisher published the seventh compilation volume on June 25th and will publish the eighth on October 24th.

Hoshikawa publishes the manga adaptation on the website Dr. Dra Sharp from the publisher Fujimi Shobo since 2019, and the publisher published the second compilation volume on June 25.

Synopsis of Boku no Kanojo-sensei

Can a teacher be the hero of history? You're welcome. Due to a traumatic experience, I distrust people who call themselves teachers. I, Saiki Makoto, was called after school by the most popular and beautiful teacher in my school, Fujiki Maka-sensei.

"I ... love you ..." what? A confession out of nowhere? "Until you confess that you love me, I will continue to chase you no matter what." Since then, I've been called to an after-school "counseling" session where we watch videos together, have excessive contact, and go out together. As the days go on, I'll notice my teacher ... but isn't that bad?

ÂĐ å­Ÿå€Ŧ & 星 æēģčŸđ (著), 鏡 遊 (åŽŸč‘—), お り ょ デ (デ ã‚ķ ã‚Ī ãƒģ) / KADOKAWA


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