Eight years have passed since the beginning of Black Clover, the manga that Yuki Tabata published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2015. There Series was very successful at homewith a good number of volumes sold and above all an anime always on the air, signed by the famous studio Pierrot, which also dealt with Naruto and Boruto.

However, the fighting shonen brand Jump, like some of their most famous peers like My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen, but it's coming to an end. At least since the author took a break in 2022, it was clear that the story was nearing its end, which was then substantiated by official statements. The first phase of it latest Black Clover saga it revolved around the training that Asta conducts in the Land of the Sun, a land where he learned to manipulate the Tets, a powerful technique that can add an extra touch to his anti-magic.

But now Lucius Zogratis has appeared in the Clover realm with his paladins in tow, who have already begun the fight. With a short jump in time, Yuki Tabata heralded the final war of Black Clover and thus the very last phase of the manga. With the villain at stake and his minions who will get the protagonists in trouble, it's clear that there's very little left to tell in the series. Thanks to these fights, there will then be resolutions to the secondary characters' subplots, and then the clash that will be seen Auction against Lucius Zogratisto stop his plan to manipulate the world in his image and likeness.

Black Clover will therefore end at the end of 2023? We'll see how the final battle plays out over the coming months.

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