Black clover moved the main Clover setting to the Land of the Sun, the original land of Yami. Country where, however, the Black Bull's captain is no longer welcome due to some events that happened years before that his sister Ichika still holds a grudge.

However, Yami's criminal past is not cleared up any time soon. First there was the cliffhanger in Black Clover 343 with the angels in the service of Lucius Zogratis arriving near the Land of the Sun; but in addition, news has arrived that will not please the readers of the manga very much.

This became known through the advances of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump Black Clover will be on hiatus in #50, that's the number that would appear in Manga Plus on Sunday November 13, 2022. This means there will be no Chapter 344 this week. Things don't end there, however Black Clover will not be there the following week either.

The return of Yuki Tabata's manga is slated for #52 of Shueisha House Magazine, so it will be her two weeks off for Black Clover. The next chapter of Manga Plus will be released on November 27, 2022, provided there are no further postponements. No reasons were given for this not only unexpected, but also longer than usual stop.

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