Today, October 8, 2020, it is finally finished Beastars, the award-winning manga by Japanese author Paru Itagaki. The work with over five million printed copies and five awards for "Best Manga of the Year" has come to an end after four long years The author decided to celebrate the event with a very cute portrait.

As you can see below, Baki's author's daughter celebrated the success of her original work with one stunning works of art with Legoshi and Haru, Write: "Beastars has ended and it was a huge success! Thank you for supporting me by reading my comic for four years!"Immediately below this is the special page dedicated to celebrating the achievement of the 5 million copies in circulation.

Paru Itagaki said he will be back working on the Beast Complex shorts from January, while no plans for possible spin-offs or side stories have been announced at the moment. In all cases in the course of 2021 The Beastars anime will return to Netflix with season twoand concludes - presumably - the adaptation of the first half of the manga.

What do you think about it? Did you like the Beastars ending? Let us know with a spoiler-free comment in the box below!

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