La Forma della Voce is an important film, full of meaning, that should be used to tell the impact of bullying. The young woman Shoko Nishimiya she suffers from deafness and because of this her life has always been uphill; As if that wasn't enough, the other protagonist, Shoya's bad gestures have worsened his school situation.

It wasn't until years later that the two managed to make peace and start a very different relationship. Shoko Nishimiya has grown up and despite the initial resistance, will really befriend Shoya and breathe life into the fulcrum The shape of the voice. The film mainly focuses on the teenage life of the two protagonists and on some aspects of deafness and how it can affect a person's lifestyle.

Even after many years, La Forma della Voce is still highly valued. Cosplayer Azey Chan surprised her audience with a dedication Cosplay for Shoko Nishimiya, the young deaf protagonist who is filmed with her very light-colored school uniform and pink hair that opens at the ear, among other things, to also show a small detail like the hearing aid. Did you like this makeover? Don't miss our bullying special in The Shape of the Voice.

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