The universe of war of stars teeming with characters capable of writing an important page of history for the saga. Many individuals have been described over the years, some more or less inclined to the Force, who have spoken out and helped shape the galaxy far, far away. However, the most prominent are the characters in the films.

As the canon expands with the episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi filling one of the darkest times for the former Jedi Knight, we return to a bygone moment, at the time of the prequel saga that George Lucas was making at the turn of the Years 90 and 2000. In the first trilogy, key characters were introduced and presented as such Padme Amidala, Senator and leader of Naboo. She first met him on Tatooine and then, due to Obi-Wan’s annoying kidnapping, Padme found herself on Geonosis with Anakin.

Here he showed excellent survival skills and was able to withstand first the shock wave of the beasts of the Colosseum, and then the droids. Cosplayer Jannet, who has done Star Wars cosplay in the past, has decided to devote herself to the Naboo Senator. Here’s a picture with this one Padme Amidala cosplay in white dress and unlined blasterso that he can withstand the threats of Tatooine and Geonosis.

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