That The world of Pokémon is very peaceful on the surface. Only these pocket creatures, which can be caught thanks to the Poké Balls, seem to fight with physical and elemental attacks of all kinds. However, there are characters with sinister intentions who have no qualms about kidnapping people and Pokémon at random.

Instead of competing in the Pokemon League with your own ability and power, ie Team Rocket Thieves They aim to kidnap other people's Pokémon and only choose the strongest. There is a duo of this now well-established group in the anime that you can never forget how many times they tried to catch Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. The trio presented in the first episodes and that the series has now made the protagonist together with Biancavilla's young coach is indeed impeccable and always attentive to enemy movements.

Jessie takes on the role of the female character in the group, a Trainer with very long purple hair who has always been a part of Team Rocket. The Pokémon he carried with him have always been varied, reminiscent of the first Ekans and Arbok, Wobbuffet and many others that followed over time. In this Jessie Cosplay from Team Rocket It is unknown which Pokemon will be unleashed.

The interpretation looks high-end, even with hair looser than usual, but the white Team Rocket uniform proposal remains true. The trainer seems calm with this Pokéball in her hands, but she will surely want to defeat you and then possess your creatures, will you let her do that?

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