Eiichiro Oda indulges in every saga with clothes to wear to his characters. One of the many merits of the mangaka is that with each narrative arc of ONE PIECE the outfits of the crew and sometimes even the most important supporting actors change. We have seen it recently in Wanokuni and several times, but let's go back in time.

Years ago in the ONE PIECE manga there was the narrative arc of Dressrosa, since Luffy and Law had to take revenge on Doflamingo. The island was surrounded by a Spanish aura and for this reason many clothes were inspired by that atmosphere. Among those who changed clothes there was of course the beautiful Nico Robin, archaeologist of the straw hat crew.

In addition to the classic long hair, wrapped in a slightly different hairstyle, and the classic sunglasses that appeared from the ONE PIECE timeskip, Nico Robin wore a particularly low-cut dress and short that really highlighted all its explosive forms. The Nico Robin cosplay made by Holly Morin reflects exactmind these characteristics. As you can see from the photo below, the girl shows off her physical qualities so she gets very close to Nico Robin. Do you like this ONE PIECE themed cosplay?

A fan instead dedicated himself to showing us the recent costume of Nico Robin in Onigashima.

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RessDressrosa Robin 🌸 Art by @ iurypadilha.art go give them a follow if you like beautiful anime girls and amazing drawings! ❤️❤️. . Instagram hates me and you my interactions / reach is hella down so any onepiece or cosplay pages that wanna share this, it's much appreciated! My own fault for posting so randomly 🥺 I had to edit my black dress to look navy, hope it doesn't look too weird! Anyways, what is your fave robin outfit? Mine is TOTALLLY Alabasta, that version of her is so badass. I mean her name is Miss All Sunday, so cool! Hopefully I can save up and get that outfit for her in the near future! :). . . #nicorobin #dressrosa #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplaying #cute #love #onepiececosplay #joyboycrew #joyboy #funimation #makeup #ardawigs #wig #summer #manga #nicorobinonepiece #thicc #curvy #girl #cosplaygirlgirl

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