The cosplay usually focuses on the most famous characters from video games, anime, films and TV series. In the field of anime and manga, many are dedicated to its most famous contemporary exponent, ONE PIECE, and consequently to the protagonists who make up the Straw Hat crew. This is why there is one of the most represented Nami.

There beautiful Cat Thief of ONE PIECE he was one of the first characters to enter the crew, immediately after Zoro, even if the official nature of this entry will have to wait a long time. It does not take long, however, to take a liking to Nami who becomes a key exponent for the crew thanks to her skills as a navigator, even if she will not participate in the fights, except for a few haggard cases.

Since the ONE PIECE timeskip took place, Nami has become even more seductive and at that point many models focused on giving life to the character. Today we offer you the Nami cosplay made by Mikoyu_s, Japanese girl who played the Nami that we see for a few hundred chapters with jeans and green costume.

The cosplayer did not miss the opportunity to remind everyone to stay at home considering the pandemic in progress, waiting for the Japanese government to give the green light to return to normal everyday life. Did you like this Nami cosplay? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, do not miss the Nami of Naiichirou but also the cosplay presented by KendelB.

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