Nico Robin it was a fundamental addition to the Straw Hat group. The former Miss All-Sunday was initially an enemy of Luffy and her companions but after the Alabasta arch she joined the crew as an archaeologist. A rather particular role but one that has become increasingly important for discover the history of ONE PIECE.

Since that time, between Skypea, the island of Men Fish and other places, we often have admired the beautiful Nico Robin intent on reading one of those legendary stones where the history of ONE PIECE's world is transcribed. And very often it is there that the girl manages to express all her charm that does not coincide with the only external beauty but also by the passion that exudes for that activity.

ONE PIECE miso_tokki fan decided to represent Nico Robin not only with a classic cosplay but also in one of those moments of reading, adding a touch of interpretation and mysticism to the character. At the bottom, in the first post from Reddit, we see the photo with Nico Robin on the side intent on reading a Poneglyph. In the other photos coming directly from the model's Instagram page we admire the rest of the cosplay by Nico Robin.

In addition to this cosplay, we also point out the video tribute to fans' ONE PIECE in addition to the cosplay of Nico Robin of Aryvilchis.

Nico Robin reading poneglyphs from r / OnePiece
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Heyo! Super excited to announce that I’ll be at LVL Up Expo on February 21-23! I’ll be at a booth most of the time so come say hi, but more details at that as we close in on the con ~ Can’t wait to see y’all there! @lvlupexpo #lvlupexpo #lvlup # lvlupexpo2020 #nicorobin #nicorobincosplay #robincosplay #nicorobincosplayer #robincosplayer #onepiececosplay #onepiececosplayer #onepiecerobin

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Happy Birthday Nico Robin! 🎈🎈🎈 It's my best girls bday! I love Robin so much! I've made 3 of her outfits already plus a couple lingerie looks. Been dying to cosplay here again! Which arc should I do next? πŸ“Έ @square_noodles #nicorobin #nicorobincosplay #happybirthdaynicorobin #onepieceanime #onepiecefan #onepiecerobin #onepiecerobincosplay #onepiecenicorobin

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