Among the protagonists of ONE PIECE surely one of the strangest is Franky the Cyborg, and a fan decided to offer us their own version of the powerful character. Let's see

In the never-ending story of Master Eiichiro Oda, the carpenter of the pirate group led by Luffy came introduced in the Water Seven saga. Initially portrayed as an antagonist, in the course of events he will be forced to fight alongside the rubber pirate and his companions to show us the friendly side that lies beneath his bravery.

Over the years the fans got to know each other Franky It is always better to discover that he is not only a strong warrior and a skilled carpenter, but above all a source of fun that, thanks to his extravagance, forms a perfect comic duo with the captain. Especially after the two years in which the group of protagonists increased their strength, ours reappeared a whole new aspect shows numerous new updates and gadgets that impressed the protagonist very much.

Well, this new form of cyborg was suggested to us in female version in Terminacosplay cosplay. The girl is on the beach and is being photographed from behind to show us her wonderful body and also the reproductions of the special mechanical components that make the pirate stand out.

What do you think of Franky and this cosplay? In case you are interested in other tributes from fans to the series, I bring you a disturbing illustration of Franky from ONE PIECE and always from ONE PIECE a fantastic cosplay by Nami.

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