The Mugiwaras always change their clothes, with Eiichiro Oda having fun changing his protagonists' clothes in each saga ONE PIECE, always inventing new styles that suit the place where they are located. Given Wano's feudal Japanese style, the protagonists' clothes inevitably reflect these characteristics.

Initially, there were normal kimono or kunoichi attire given the infiltration work of the first part of the Wano saga. But after that quieter phase where only Luffy and a few other crew members have thrown themselves into the fray, the time has come Time to switch to more protective clothing. Kimonos are now joined by light clothing, armor reminiscent of that of the samurai and warriors of feudal Japan.

Aside from the brief clip in which they dressed up as members of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, the ONE PIECE boys wore these new clothes to do battle with Kaido. Nami couldn't be an exception, who always looks for style and who comes in a red kimono and armor over it. A cosplayer on Reddit made this possible Cosplay of Nami in the Onigashima version, only with the clothes mentioned above. Obviously there are more details: in full view there is the blue pinwheel tattoo on his left shoulder, the orange Clima Tact he fights with, the log pose with the three compasses on his wrist and finally also a pair of red heels, with whom he fights He probably won't find it easy to run away and fight.

Alternatively, for those who prefer the more classic pirate look, there's a Berry-loving Nami cosplay.

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