ONE PIECE: a beautiful and regal Boa Hancock in Chiha cosplay

Pirate Empress Boa Hancock has pierced the hearts of many ONE PIECE characters, with the exception of Luffy's. Almost every man she meets is fascinated by her, and that is exactly what he uses some of his power to do. Beyond the cellulose sides Many cosplayers have managed to reproduce the beauty of women.

Over time, we have featured many Boa Hancock-themed cosplay, one of which was owned by Chiha6170, a Japanese cosplayer. His finding of the ONE PIECE girl was very faithful and turns out to be one of the most valued. The girl is back in the world of ONE PIECE with another cosplayNot even to ever say about Boa Hancock.

Unlike last time, this new photo focuses on Boa Hancock in the red dress when we first saw her on Amazon Lily. And the palace of his kingdom is the background of a photo that seems to want She not only captures their beauty and sensuality, but also their kings. Gained over 20,000 likes, many thank you comments and a continuous jump on various topic pages.

The Japanese have again proven capable of one great cosplay from Boa Hancock which could surely petrify you. And for fans who always want her with them, a 1: 1 statue of Boa Hancock was made.

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