Naruto: Rock Lee comes to life in a fan cosplay video

Despite years of absence Naruto and its protagonists continue to hold a special place in the hearts of all fans of the saga. While we still have the opportunity to follow the ninja’s adventures on the pages of Boruto, some iconic characters like the ones we saw in Masashi Kishimoto's manga are remembered.

The shinobi that we saw in action in the manga and anime of Naruto are many, and many of them have certainly stuck in the heart. Getting a special place in fan memories is certainly not easy However, some characters have been characterized as works of art, and their story can only remain in our memories. Itachi Uchiha It is certainly one of the names that evokes more nostalgia and admiration and to which a Naruto fan has dedicated a moving tribute.

It is therefore not surprising that some of Naruto's characters like Ino or Konan are constantly cosplaying. This time we wanted to pay homage to Rock Lee, another great protagonist among the Konoha Shinobi. The cosplay is not limited to one shot this time. Swae Lee actually shared a very short video with background music on Twitter.

Without further ado, we'll leave you to the Rock Lee video cosplay. Let us know what you think of this take on the Leaf Village ninja take.

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