In My Hero Academia, we met Ochako Uraraka, probably Deku's future romantic interest. But she is also the female co-star of the manga and anime and has shown several times what she is capable of.

The Uraraka quirks still have so many secrets to reveal, but the heroine of My hero academia Thanks to his body he can attract. As you may recall, Uraraka and the other 1-A girls were involved in a certain Mineta joke during the Yuei Sports Festival saga. They were actually forced to wear cheerleading uniforms and perform.

After so many years, let's look back Ochako Uraraka as cheerleader with cosplay. The insight you can see below is the work of Natalia Kat scrapping nearly 5000 likes. As seen in the anime and manga by My Hero Academia, Uraraka wears an orange short t-shirt with the word UA in green and then always has the skirt of the same color. In addition to the brown hair falling on her face, you may also notice a bit of makeup that blushes slightly on two points, especially on the cheeks, just like its comic book counterpart.

Also in this photo Uraraka seems to be enjoying himself, who knows if we will see her again in Yuei's second year.

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