Tomura Shigaraki's group of villains, born as an association of some reckless and with very few really important members, has become one of the strongest of the My Hero Academia. After the arrival of Stains, the criminals who joined this organization were few but good ones. One of the most famous Himiko Toga.

The girl, disguised as a high school student, has always been one of the villains, apparently more associated with the heroes of 1-A. yes is often compared to Uraraka and it seems that before the manga My Hero Academia ends, the two are destined for an open confrontation. We recently learned of Toga's Past in the fifth season of the anime, which sheds light on the villain's past.

Thanks to the latest episode of the anime, Himiko Toga has been very much the focus of audience attention lately. The girl is therefore coming back to life thanks to many cosplays in the last few days. Even Sammys has decided to take on the role of villain one more time and presents her with the high school uniform that we have seen many times in the manga, but accompanied by the menacing mask that covers her face. the Himiko Toga Cosplay downstairs it is very faithful and exudes desire for blood.

What happened in the meantime to Himiko Togas Macke in the anime of? My hero academy? The bad guy may have gotten a lot stronger.

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