My Hero Academia: Deku and Toga become a couple in this cosplay

Himiko Toga and Izuku Midoriya are not a couple and will never be in the official story of Kohei Horikoshi. Without the improbable remorse of the villain and Deku's even less improbable infatuation with her, this development will not be seen in the manga and anime of My Hero Academia.

However, some dream of seeing Himiko steal toga from Ochako Uraraka, which appears to be his future role as Deku's lover. There are a lot of themed fanart and fanfiction, but these are now taking on a different shape thanks to a Cosplay on the theme of My Hero Academia.

Sammyscosplay has often focused on the superhero world that Weekly Shonen Jump has long conquered. Now we see her in the company of Valeriecosplays creating one Couple cosplay with Deku and Toga. Below we see the photo in which Deku would have become a villain, and together the two seem to be a very close couple. Toga picks up on the classic high school dress with a sweater, while the protagonist of My Hero Academia changes the color of the costume from green to black. There is no shortage of blood and psychopathic looks.

In light of this, however, it would be difficult to see such a situation Toga would try to suck all his blood at every opportunity. However, there are plenty of fans out there looking to read a spin-off about toga.

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Congratulations to my criminal partner, soul mate and best friend! @valeriecosplays ✨🖤 I love you so much and you deserve the world! I am so grateful to have you in my life and to meet you through cosplay! LOVE YOU ❤️❤️ Toga Himiko cosplay from @sammyscosplay Villian deku from @valeriecosplays 📸: @kevinjeukens #toga #togahimiko #togaxdeku #villiandeku #leagueofvillians #deku #izuku #izukumidoriya #midorionen #tumpura #dshoher

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