My Hero Academia: A fabulous Mirko cosplay from Strawhatlexi

It's no secret that there is a heroine Kohei Horikoshi especially loves. The mangaka of My hero academia In fact, he has confirmed several times that he has a passion for Mirko and draws it as much as possible himself in the extras of the various tankobons. In the latest exciting saga, she was the focus of various events.

And thanks to that latest saga that still holds court on the pages of the manga, Mirko has become hugely popular even in fandom. Indeed, the rabbit heroine has highlighted All the properties that make it one of the strongest in Japan. Obviously, some sensual touches are not missing, as Mirko's cosplay as that of Hana Bunny expresses.

Speaking of cosplay, there was another girl who decided in the past few days to pay homage to the character from My Hero Academia. Below we see Strawhat Lexi's Instagram post where they were shared photos from her Mirko cosplay. Obviously the woman is busy with the classic hero costume, the white one with some purple parts and the yellow crescent moon that shines on the chest.

By filming Mirko's various fighting poses, Strawhat Lexi manages to give us one Cosplay really not bad. What do you think?

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to all the plotters and schemers out there !! hope you are ready to kick your butt for me !! 💥 🐰 ~ I wanted to save that bad boi for Halloween, but I had an even better idea !! Stay tuned if there's ever a live action movie ... you know where to find me ~ #cosplaygirl #cosplay #rumiusagiyama #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #happyhalloween

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