the My Hero Academia students they often wear the school uniform to watch the class with formal attire, or the blue tracksuit with the Yuei logo to keep them ready for action during hands-on classes. Then there is the hero clothing that they wear with the heroes during the various missions and internships.

However, due to a joke by Minoru Mineta, the girls from 1-A found themselves at the Yuei Sports Festival in a role that was not theirs. I put on some cheerleading clothes, the girls entertained the audience between phases, some shy and some confident. Ochako Uraraka is also among the 1-A studentsShe, the female co-star of My Hero Academia, and who therefore also wore the orange dress with T-shirt, short skirt and pompoms, fell into the trap of the pervert of the class.

However, in the end, Uraraka had fun, but that moment with this dress was enough to make a large section of the My Hero Academia audience fall in love with her. Uravity is back in a cheerleading version on Instagram and other social networks thanks to the intervention of Talulah Waifu. The English cosplayer decided to play the student and here we get those Uraraka cheerleader cosplay available in the photo below.

There are also many cosplays of the Uraraka hero version and then a very special cosplay of Uraraka that is not Uraraka.

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