There are some characters who made the history of anime in Italy and some of these are to be found in the anime of Lupine III. The mythical thief has a long history with various editions prepared over the years, but despite the changes the quartet formed by Lupine, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko will always remain iconic.

Being the only woman in the group and with a rather particular character, Fujiko Mine has raised a lot of attention. She is also a dotted woman as a sexy bomb and therefore many have grown up with her femme fatale myth. The character has been at the center of several plots and betrayals against anyone, including Lupine, and this has made the relationship between the two thieves particular as explained by Monkey Punch.

However, what is most impressed in the mind is the Fujiko sensuality, given by its exceptional forms. During the episodes of the Lupine III series she was portrayed in many ways, even naked in the anime of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, but her black and tight-fitting thief dress remains a classic. This version was adopted by Amatuka_Rio to present her Fujiko Mine cosplay. The Japanese model certainly does not have the prosperous physique of Fujiko however she has made a convincing photo.

Do you know the real meaning of Fujiko's name?

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