Trunks from the Future is arguably one of the series' most memorable twists and turns Dragon Ball Z. His appearance during the prologue of the Androids saga officially introduced the concept of time travel into the work, and he immediately proved to be a key ally of the Z-Warriors, killing Mecha Freezer easily.

He also played an important role in Dragon Ball Super, although the narrative arc of Goku Black itself actually gave more space to Goku and Vegeta, who have now become the absolute protagonists of the series. There are many reasons for the character of Trunks from the Future to be so successful, including the unique design with which it was presented, and of course the incredible strength he showed during the tournament organized by Cell.

Also thanks to theTraining with Vegeta in the space of mind and time, Trunks has managed to improve many of his techniques as well as increasing the power that comes from transforming into Super Saiyan. Following his father's instructions, he also decided Wear combat armor. Taking up this particular design, on the occasion of the last one, the fan @uniastronaut created the magnificent and fairly faithful cosplay that you can see in the pictures below KamehaCon, held July 9-11 at the Delta Hotels in Allen, Texas.

Remember that Studio DX dedicated a character to Freeza and we leave you to the statistics of Gotenks' power.

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