At the gates of the new narrative arc of the manga by Dragon Ball Super, in which Goku trains under the guidance of Whis to master the full powers of Ultra Instinct, a cosplayer pays homage to the most powerful transformation the Saiyan has ever achieved.

Goku gained the power to overcome the gods in the tournament of power when he tried to succumb to the blows of Jiren, the most powerful warrior in Universe 11. Ultra Instinct's full potential, however, was only achieved during the battle with the bad guys, Molo. In the new saga called Granolah the Survivor, the Saiyan tries to do this Refine and perfect Ultra Instinct with the help of the angel accompanying Lord Beerus. What surprises does this new story hold in store for us? Will Goku really be able to defy the gods of destruction and the strict angelic laws?

As we all know, Ultra Instinct is not a real transformation, but a mental condition that can be achieved by achieving one State of complete calm inner. It is precisely for this reason that it is not closely related to the Saiyan breed.

The most powerful form Goku has ever achieved was hailed by cosplayer Chris Minney, who posted some masterful shots on his Instagram profile. In the pictures at the end of the article you can see how the artist is doing perfectly interpreted the Saiyan;; What is most surprising is the flawless silver hair as well as the marble physique that emerges from the torn battle robes.

What do you think of this cosplay? Here is Goku Ultra Instinct in an affordable version in this incredibly brilliant Dragon Ball Super cosplay. Battle of the Battles, Dragon Ball Super's new live streaming event, is coming soon.

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Contributed by Chris 'Cosplay' Minney (@bemoreshonen)

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