Dragon Ball is a name that everyone knows. Akira Toriyama's anime and manga followed the story of Goku, but the young Saiyan who grew up on Earth isn't the only one to appear in the author's various cartoons. No, there's a large group of characters, some good and some bad, while others fall in between or change over time.

Vegeta is an extremely popular character in the Dragon Ball universe: Alien warrior belonging to the Saiyan race is initially presented as the enemy of the protagonists. Over time, Vegeta joins the group and becomes one of the most popular and iconic characters in the series. Returning exactly to his origins, however, the Saiyan showed no good feelings, with a desire to fight, conquer and destroy only to underline his superiority.

When it first appeared on earth, Vegeta immediately aroused fear. The strongest Saiyan up to that moment appeared with the classic broad-shouldered armor and hip protectors, and of course still had his tail and scouter, which were later eliminated thanks to the acquisition of the Ki-detection technique. Yaiza Perez wanted to help the alien regain its former glory female Vegeta cosplay in the prince version of the Saiyans, but mostly done with bodypaint. The armor's stretching on the model's body is clearly visible, but there are additions like the red scouter and tail wrapped around the waist.

Besides that Baby Vegeta cosplay that appeared in Dragon Ball GT, did you know why Vegeta had red hair when the anime first came out?

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