We are used to seeing Chichi in yellow clothes, in a housewife version, to scold Gohan for studying and Goku for not working. But the woman, one of the most famous on Dragon Ball, wasn't always like that. Daughter of the bull wizard, The those is one of the first characters created by Akira Toriyama 25 years ago.

We saw her twice in the first cartoon series. The first was a girl the same age as Goku, convinced that the boy wanted to marry her. there the second goes back to the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament where she, now grown up, presents herself as a beautiful and athletic girl, but also angry because the protagonist of Dragon Ball did not come to take her as his wife as promised.

There Chi-Chi showed her martial arts, although of course she couldn't do anything against the strength of the young Saiyajin. However, that of the Tenkaichi tournament remains one Version that is very much loved by Chichi fans, and for this a cosplay created by Yoselin was born. The cosplayer, a big fan of Dragon Ball and who has already presented a cosplay on Videl and one with a gender specific Goku Black, also plays the role of Gohan's mother. In the post below from his Instagram there are the three photos in which he poses.

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