Beautiful and elusive Faye Valentin she wasn't the most reliable character in cowboy bebop. While long joining the group of bounty hunters led by Spike Spiegel, Faye will come with ups and downs, going and returning at will, and not without a hint of betrayal.

For the group, however, it becomes more and more irreplaceable, despite the contrasting characters, until it comes with. culminates one of the most touching scenes in the latest installment of Cowboy Bebop. After seeing them in an animated version with the original Watanabe show, the project, and with it the character, will hit screens around the world with the Netflix-staged live action of Cowboy Bebop in flesh and blood. Missing just before you see Danielle Pinedas Faye, but the cosplay doesn't stop on the character in the meantime.

Vanessa Vhenix recently wanted to celebrate the arrival of the trailer about this group of bounty hunters by dressing up like the main heroine of the story. this Faye Valentine Cosplay he might be ready to make his live action debut with the girl in the yellow jacket, shorts and red jacket, the inevitable cigarette and gun in hand. Ready to see the slayer from Cowboy bebop in a new version?

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