The anime Chainsaw Man will be out in 2022, but the manga is already finished in the meantime. Tatsuki Fujimoto published his 90+ chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump between 2018 and 2020 in a fairly short serialization for the magazine's canons, but with Denji, who will return in 2022 with a second part of the manga.

However, not all characters will return in the second part of Chainsaw Man, the manga was a massacre, but the fans didn't stop for that. There are actually many Chainsaws Man Themed Cosplay with living and dead characters. The most popular among the public is definitely Makima, the red-haired woman Denji meets in the very first chapter of the story.

In Chainsaw Man, she is mainly seen with the institutional clothes, i.e. jacket, tie, elegant trousers and white shirt. But at some moments in history it presents itself in a very different way: this Makima cosplay in black and long dress it shows just one of these different aspects of the head of the government organization. In the photo in the post, Makima is in the middle of the water, while the Russian cosplayer Xenon is also one Makima cosplay plus spoilers which you can find in the link to the source, for those who are not on par with the manga to avoid.

And if a massacre has already been done in the manga, Izanamitan's Makima cosplay also translates this into photos.

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