Bleach's Gotei 13 captains are key figures in the work. These thirteen commanders all vary in traits, reliability, powers, tendencies, and history. All of them it interacts differently with the path of Ichigo Kurosaki, directly or indirectly.

The one who has little to do with Ichigo is Unohana Retsu, with the two interacting so seldom that you can count them on the fingers of one hand. However, in Bleach, the commander of the medical department, the fourth, remains significant. but now Unohana Retsu is not what it seems: Although behind her facial expression there seems to be a loving mother who cares for everyone, in reality she turns out to be the first kenpachi, a title now attributed to Zaraki.

This very truth triggers an important phase for the Captain of the 11th Company, who must face it at a terrifying moment in Bleach's history. And in this phase, the true strength of the fourth division unfolds. To capture this moment, Aero Cactos offers a Cosplay of Unohana Retsu bloody, terrifying and ready to use her sword skills. Pale, with haunted eyes, a bloodied blade, and a black background that bodes ill.

Despite its strength, Unohana is not one of the strongest captains of bleaching. Here are Gotei 13's top five warriors.

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